Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

This dramatic feature film is about an undocumented Mexican family living in Rockaway Beach New York and their young Autistic son who runs away on the subway. Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, played in over 60 film festivals around the world, winning prizes at Tribeca, Deauville, and Athens. The mother (Andrea Suarez-Paz) was nominated for best supporting actress at the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards and the film won a National Board of Review Award for Top Ten Independent Films of the year. The New York Times called it a "small miracle of a film" and listed it in their top 10 films of 2014.

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"Richly textured, fully immersive" -
Amy Taubin

"The film's vision is original and beguiling" -
Matt Zoller Seitz

"...a narrative feature that plays like an impressionistic record of the New York subway experience circa exactly right now... train-car breakdancers prove a wonder rather than a dangerous annoyance." -
Alan Scherstuhl

"quintessential New York movie", "lives and breathes the spirit of the city" -
Matt Patches

"A small miracle of a film" -
Stephen Holden

"poignant portrait of a family", "heart-felt storytelling" -
Diana Drumm

"terrifically conceived and executed sophomore feature", "consistently fascinating and suspenseful" -
Ronnie Scheib

"the film unfolds with a documentary-like openness to the world around it' -
Scott Tobias
"...a film that doesn’t exploit Hurricane Sandy for dramatic effect, but rather features the storm where it now seems always meant to have been" - Storyboard